Top 3 recipes to make your own isotonic drinks at home

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Hydration is crucial in any endurance sport, both at professional and amateur level. Bad hydration inevitably leads to poor performance and can cause tendinitis and other detrimental health problems. The endurance athlete must drink on a regular basis before, during and after exercise. Besides drinking plain water, alternatively, sparkling water is the best fit to improve the quality of life.

You see athletes chugging down bottles of the neon-coloured liquid in every ad and real life, surely they do something, and they do. They help you maintain your body’s balance of electrolytes during or after periods of heavier exercise. However upon closer look, you’re really just paying an outrageous price for glorified, brightly coloured, sugar water. An overload of processed and refined sweetener (in the case of sports drinks, high-fructose corn syrup) is never a good thing. While artificial flavours and colours don’t technically do much to your health, a part of me just shies away from the idea of ingesting things that are “fake.” Yet with introductory of sparkling water have create the opportunities that fit our lifestyle. As easy accessibility and convenient make available by SodaXpress, it will be no longer to “Fake but is genuinely real”.

For many, sometimes water just won’t hit the spot. You’ve lost a significant amount of electrolytes during that killer sweat session, making it essential to replenish nutrients— and quickly! But store-bought energy drinks can add up, in both dollars and calories. Furthermore sparkling water being the natural therapy.  We collected some of our favourite homemade sports drinks. From citrus-based workout drinks to a quick and easy DIY “Gatorade,” we’ve got something for every athlete on-the-go. Bottoms up to zero sugar, zero calorie drinks!

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  1. Lemon Sparkling Water

    Choice of athletes among all isotonic drink flavours. It’s fast and simple to prepare this drink. These two ingredients - potassium and vitamin B6 help to improve and increase electrolytes in both blood and body fluid for athletes. 


    Lemon wedges / Ice / Sparkling water


    1. Squeeze 1/3 lemon juice in a glass
    2. Add slices of lemon and a pinch of salt
    3. Top up half glass with ice
    4. Add SodaXpress sparkling water and stir.
  1. Orange Sparkling Water

    Orange is an everyday fruit in our daily diet. It gives a quick boost of energy which continues to sustain for a period of time. It is classified as the athletes’ nutritional choice. Nutrients such as vitamin C, copper, calcium and fibres are found in oranges.


    Orange / Ice / Sparkling water


    1. Squeeze 2/3 orange juice in a glass
    2. Add slices of orange & a pinch of salt
    3. Top up half glass with ice
    4. Add SodaXpress sparkling water & stir.
  1. Lemon Cucumber Sparkling Water

    Girls would love this recipe. Cucumbers are commonly used for facial. Mixing cucumber and lemon is another must-try isotonic option for athletes. Cucumber rejuvenates through energy boosting of Vitamin B and fibre aids in removing toxins from the body.


    Lemon/ Cucumber / Ice / Sparkling water


    1. Squeeze 1/3 lemon juice in a glass
    2. Add slices of cucumber into the glass
    3. Add in a pinch of salt
    4. Top up half glass with ice
    5. Add SodaXpress sparkling water and stir




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