How do you tell yourself to drink more water? Try infusing your drinks!

“Drink water, drink more water!!” This is a phrase all Malaysians are very familiar with. Parents remind their kids to drink water all the time – There has been too much emphasis on the benefits of drinking water regularly – yet it is still a challenge telling and reminding yourself to drink more water. We have compiled some tips which works for us – do try it out!

Step 1 – Make drinking water a morning habit

Always ensure that you drink a glass of water every morning before you are off to work. With technology becoming a necessity in our lifestyle, there are even mobile apps that remind you to drink water throughout the day. Look it up!

Step 2 - Buy a nice water bottle

It could be pretty, colourful, edgy or designed with your favorite fictional character. Anything that appeals to you. Study shows that one will be inclined to drink more water if the bottle is nicer. So why wait? A good reason to start shopping now!

Step 3 - Spice it up

Order something spicy that helps to increase the water intake into your body. Malaysia is a country full with colourful spices - red curry, green curry, sambal, belacan and cili padi - It is a cruel way to do it but this helps you to drink the most amount of water! Try HOT PEPPERS and be amazed!

Step 4 – Eat and infuse your water

Seek fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water, when you consume them, it helps you meet the daily target of water sooner. It’s also easier to drink water, especially when it is infused with your favorite fruits or vegetables – Infused sparkling water is an upcoming trend, you can now find endless beautiful mason jars filled with colourful infused drinks images on social media. SodaXpress Sphera-T makes it easier for you to DIY your own concoction of infused drinks. In just 3 seconds, you turn boring plain water into bubbly sparkling water – Try it today!

Step-by-Step Guide - Infused Sparkling Water with SodaXpress

Step 1 - Pick any combination of the following:

  • Lemon + Mint
  • Cucumber + Mint
  • Orange + Rosemary
  • Cucumber + Lemon
  • Kiwi + Watermelon
    Or let your creativity juice flows – combine any fruits and herbs of your choice.

Step 2 - .Cut the fruits/vegetables/herbs into cubes or long stripes

Step 3 -  Fill SodaXpress carbonating bottles with cold water, CLICK the bottle onto the machine, PRESS the carbonating button for 2 seconds, and RELEASE the bottle.

Step 4 - Put the cut fruits/vegetable/herbs into SodaXpress bottles and close the bottle cap tightly.

Step 5 - Chil the bottle in the fridge for 2 to 3 hours

Step 6 - Pour the Sparkling water and enjoy!

*Gentle reminder, please wash the fruits/vegetables/herbs thoroughly to remove any trace of chemicals which may be attached to the fruit peel/surface.


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