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Adding Excitement to Your Daily Water Intake

You have just completed a big achievement in life! Whether it’s a 10km, half marathon or a full marathon, it’s your first and there’s no comparison on how satisfying the feeling is!!

What’s next? For many runners like myself, running is truly addictive.

You would immediately want to jump on the next training, and then looking forward to the next achievement. I would like to emphasize the importance of taking care of your body in order to run faster, better and longer!


We can’t stop talking about hydration, because that’s really the main factor. Technology has now made it possible for us to use tools to remind ourselves amidst our busy schedule. I took a stroll around the big World Wide Web and found the following tools to be exceptionally useful.

Camelbak positions themselves as the best online hydration calculator available. I use this to find out how much water I would drink to properly hydrate during sport or exercise.

Based on few simple questions asked on your physique, body hydration level and activities, the tool suggests a recommended intake of water to be consumed.



In a separate video clip titled “HOW CAN I MAKE MY OWN HYDRATION BEVERAGE?” Camelbak recommended a simple tip – just add a little lemon juice and a pinch of table salt to regular water for a great tasting hydration beverage. (Refer to the link below for the video)

I am practising that now, I prepare my version of hydration beverage in a regular water bottle and I carry that with me, at work, at meetings or even going to the gym. It gets bored on certain days, and I get that crave for carbonated canned drinks. So I add a little excitement to my hydration beverage. Bubbles, sparkles, gas – whatever you call it. It makes my drink fizzy and refreshing, especially on a hot afternoon. It’s a guilt-free fix for me, and it’s possible with the SodaXpress machine.


Setting the right target is half the battle won. Executing and measuring the target completes the whole picture. Available on both Android and AppleStore, I downloaded an app to remind myself to achieve my hydration objective everyday.



I tend to forget in the first few days, but subsequently, with constant reminders, it seems to have grown in me as a habit. Now I sip on water, as and when, wherever I am. I guess, I may not even need the app to remind me after few more weeks.

On the days when I sparkle up my drinks, people surrounding me would be so curious and won’t resist asking me what kind of magic I am performing. I think, the spectacular hissing sound from the SodaXpress machine does the trick. It helps me capture the attention I want, and I get that ice-breaking opportunity to share my hydration tips.

Good things are meant to be shared – and that’s why blogging is such a wonderful experience!

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