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SodaXpress fans rejoice! 500ml carbonating bottle is now available at SodaXpress online store! A size that is convenient for you to bring along your sparkling water wherever you go.

SodaXpress 500ML Carbonating Bottle is 100% BPA FREE!

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  • Black

Why does SodaXpress Carbonating Bottle have an expiry date?

SodaXpress Carbonating Bottle is made to withstand recurring pressure during carbonation, only for a safe period of time. SodaXpress Carbonating Bottles should be replaced if it is scratched, deformed or discoloured. Never place the bottle in a dishwasher. Never use metal brushes, abrasives, or chemical cleaners to clean the bottle.

*Not inclusive of delivery charges.
**Available for West Malaysia only. Delivery within 2-5 working days (Klang Valley), 3-7 working days (Outstation).