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Longer Lasting Sparkle

Longer Lasting Sparkle

Offering ultra convenience, sleek design with a sophisticated technology

Intense, Industrialised, Invigorating

Intense, Industrialised, Invigorating

SodaXpress Qubus

Design by Petr Novague


Get bubbly!

SodaXpress, Malaysia’s 1st Sparkling Water Maker, is all set to change the way you drink water.
See SodaXpress in action below.

3 reasons to choose SodaXpress

It’s easy!

1. Click the bottle in place
2. Press to fizz
3. Release and drink


It’s easy!
It’s portable!

It’s portable!

It is ergonomically designed and requires no batteries or external power. Sparkle up as you go and instant sparkling water made right in front of your eyes!


It’s a smart choice!

One full refill of gas can make up to 60L of sparkling water - that's an equivalent of 184* cans of fizzy drinks! Go beyond plain water and customize your own drink. It's healthier and cheaper!
*estimate based on 325ml cans of drinks


It’s a smart choice!

Longer Lasting Sparkle - Own it today!

SodaXpress QUBUS Starter Kit
SodaXpress QUBUS Starter Kit SodaXpress QUBUS Starter Kit SodaXpress QUBUS Starter Kit

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Get your hands on the coolest technology in the sparkling water industry! A patented turbolator that ensures longer lasting bubbles for your drinking pleasure. Grab it quick as we now offer it at RM259!

Your SodaXpress Sphera-T Starter Kit purchase includes:
  • 1 X Sparkling Water Machine
  • 1 X Carbonating Gas Cylinder
  • 1 X Carbonating Bottle
  • FREE delivery**

*Delivery only for Peninsular Malaysia. Not available for East Malaysia at this moment.
*Get the Starter Kit now and receive the product within 3-5 working days.

How to use the SodaXpress

Step 1:CLICK

Step 1:

Insert the bottle into the dock
& twist bottle until it clicks to lock
Step 2:PRESS

Step 2:

Press the main button once
to carbonate water



Step 3:

Press small button to unlock bottle
& remove bottle from dock



"I was skeptical when my son first bought it because I've been drinking boiled water for over 50 years, but it all changed after trying it a few times with lemon and honey. I'm now the designated sparkling honey and lemon drink provider among my Tai Chi friends because it's very refreshing and tasty especially after a good sweat."

-Juliana Tan, 56

"I used to drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day. I had insomnia, my throat was always dry and I was easily agitated. My wife gifted me one for my birthday and we began experimenting with different recipes. I wanted something caffeinated so we mix sparkling water and tea, I began substituting sparkling tea for coffee and realized it gave me the same pick-me-up I needed. Now I drink 2 cups of coffee and sleep like a log."

-Allan Lee, 35

"I'm a state runner and train 5 times a week. It's important for me to stay hydrate due to the amount of sweat I lose everyday but plain water can be so boring. I decided to buy a SodaXpress machine to try it out after seeing the advertisement at a Chatime stall. What used to be 100ml per training session is now 2L, I add the Monin syrup that came with the machine, a pinch of salt and you have your very own homemade sport drink. It's much cheaper and healthier!"

-Jannah, 28