For pizza lovers, a good slice is a gift from the god. Whether you’re at a social gathering, casual lunch with friends, or just don’t feel like cooking dinner, pizza is there and it is irresistible.

Despite dire warnings from health advocates and news media scaremongers who blame pizza for obesity in children, many nutrition experts say pizza is not only delicious; it can also be a healthy food choice.

McClellan, a pizzeria owner donated his body to prove that eating pizza won’t cause you any harm. He eat a slice of pizza every 2½ to 3 hours and lost 25 pounds in 30 days. Perhaps more remarkably, he lowered his cholesterol 86 points and his body fat by 10% with no medications. “There is no secret to this diet,” McClellan says, with the confidence of a man who has opened multiple successful businesses and won Best Physique contests. “It’s good nutritional science based on portion control, raising metabolism levels with the help of a regular workout plan, and tracking daily intake of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fat.”

Since I could remember, soda or carbonated drinks have always been paired with pizza. Most pizzerias in Italy in general, serves carbonated drinks. And most people feels “satisfied” after finishing the drink.

Have You Ever Wondered Why?

The acidity helps break down the carbs

Many different studies have been done regarding the acidity in carbonated beverages. The intense amount of acid is capable to even break down meats and other thick materials, which is why most doctors and health enthusiasts do not recommend drinking soda.

The carbonation helps burp up existing air in your stomach

By drinking carbonated beverage, you will allow the carbonation to enter and permeate throughout your stomach. The gases will help free up and remove existing air inside your stomach to make room for the remaining food you have left. That air will come up via a series of burbs, and you will immediately feel a sense of relief. Water and other non-carbonated liquids do not have the same effect as carbonated beverages.

Well, if you are health conscious and 100% against drinking soda, but at the same time you really enjoy pairing your favorite pizza with soda. Then we have a solution for you.TRY SODAXPRESSSodaXpress is Malaysia’s 1st sparkling water machine – which produces zero calories, zero sugar – yet satisfying carbonated water.
Most obviously, sparkling water is a great soda alternative, because it lacks the calories and sugar of sweetened carbonated drinks since you can alter your own drinks. Switching to unsweetened bubbles is a healthy step for anyone.

It won’t weaken your bones, either. In one study, Douglas Kiel, MD, associated professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School found that sparkling water is not associated with lower hip bone density in women—mainly due to much lower acidic level in comparing with other sugared carbonated beverage. Unflavored sparkling water counts toward your daily H2O, say two of our experts. “Sparkling water is like drinking regular water,” says Sara Bleich, PhD, associate professor in health policy and management at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. “It’s harmless.”

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