Help, I'm Addicted to Canned and Bottled Soda!

“I am addicted to soda. I am a soda junkie. Everyone in my life knows that I am a complete and total soda addict. I can’t just drink one soda. I start with one, sure, but I quickly find I’ve consumed three or four cans back to back.” – A confession from a soda addict.

We all know that canned and bottled soda has no nutritional value, no health benefits, large calorie and sugar content. Each 350 ml soda drink has 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar.

The truth is, most of the soda addict feels that the addiction was not to sugar, or caffeine, or soda at all. The addiction is actually rooted from the good ole carbonation. There is something about bubbles that just makes the drink taste better.

So here’s some tips and tricks to end your suffering.


1. Get on a soda schedule.

Jot down a schedule for your soda consumption. For example, if you normally drink 3 sodas per day, cut down to 2 per day for an entire month, and then 1 per day the month after. From there, you can gradually cut down even further.

2. Find a substitute

Make sure your substitute drinks are within reach when you get thirsty. If you just love the tingle of carbonation on your tongue,  keep your cabinets stocked with club soda, or invest in a SodaXpress machine and make it yourself at home.
If you like flavored water, slice up a bunch of oranges, cucumbers or rinse off some berries at the beginning of the week and make a fresh pitcher every morning. Fill up a water bottle before heading out to run those afternoon errands. If you’re prepared, when thirst strikes you’ll have one less excuse to grab for a soda.
If you’re prone to caffeine headaches, have an anti-inflammatory on hand, or a bag of green or black tea to help ease those withdrawal pains.

After a month or so you will notice that your craving towards canned and bottles soda is slowly decreasing. And don’t worry about sparkling water. It is just like plain water but with bubbles.

Get your very own, guilt free SodaXpress sparkling water machine, today!


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