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Sparkling Water (also known as carbonated water, club soda, soda water, seltzer water, or fizzy water) is water into which carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved.

Rinse the hair with sparkling water

• Sparkling water has a very low pH level and can calm frizzy hair.

• This is because carbon dioxide gasses are dissolved into the water and placed under pressure.

    • When frizzy hair comes on in humid weather, carbonated water can help to smooth your hair.

    Easy and Fast Facial Spa

    • Wash your face with sparkling water is just like a super-charged and super-fast facial spa.

    • Since there are no other ingredients besides water, it's a natural experience that won't leave any residue on your skin.

    • The effervescent beauty treatment is a hot trend in Japan and Korea - two countries that are renowned for being leaders in skincare innovations.

      Deep Cleansing Facial Water

      • The gentle "pop" act as micro-brushes work to deep clean pores, remove dead skin cells, brighten and tone.

      • When absorbed into the pores, sparkling water activates skin texture cells and pushes out toxin and dirt.
      • The pores then contract once all the dirt toxins are extracted.

      • Moisture is then locked into the deep cleansing facial pores.

      • It deep cleanses pores and revitalizes your skin while exfoliating and smoothing skin at the same time.

        Anti-Aging and skin lifting

        • Because of the sparkling water, oxygen is delivered deeper into the skin barrier, which in turn acts as natural anti-aging and anti-biotic agents.

        • Skin's temperature is going up with carbonated water, that' increasing blood circulation, reducing swollen face, and also helpful in lifting skin.

        7 in 1 effect of Sparkling Water

         • Brightening
        • Firming
        • Balancing
        • Exfoliating
        • Controlling Oil
        • Moisturizing
        • Cleaning

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