Stay Hydrated During Ramadan

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Stay Hydrated During Ramadan

If you celebrate Ramadan, you are currently fighting a constant battle against thirst from dawn to sunset.

Water is the most important fluid that replenish your thirst during Ramadan. Unfortunately though, most people do not drink enough but have only small amounts at Iftar and then forget to drink water until the next day!



60 –70% of your body is made of water and any reduction in your water intake can affect your body’s cells and nerves from functioning properly. This is why it is absolutely essential to compensate the loss of water in your body, because dehydration can cause undesirable side effects such as: constipation, headache, dizziness, tiredness and dry skin.


Water is better for hydration and essential for almost all major body functions, including helping dissolve minerals and other nutrients from food to make them accessible to your body.



  1. The 8- glasses per day sticks! Try not to drink large quantities of water all at once or a lot during a meal. Instead drink water between your meals and keep water by your bed — you need to sip continuously through the night.


  1. Break fast every night with one or two glasses of water and a few dates. Breaking the fast with dates is not only Sunnah; dates also help with hydration since they are a natural source of glucose, which encourage your cells to store fluid and fuel for energy.


  1. Do not add too much salt to the dishes. Also avoid eating salty foods like salted fish and pickles as they increase the body’s need for water.


  1. Foods like cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, apples, and spinach help you stay hydrated because they contain a lot of water. So during iftar, make a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Make smoothies for sahur with hydrating ingredients like watermelon or strawberries.
      5. If possible, minimize sweat and the time you spend in hot/humid conditions.                       If your job requires you to be outdoors, try to spend some time in the shade.

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Move to Sparkling Water!

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Last week we discussed on how soda causes harm to your kids. If your kids enjoy drinking soda so much that they can’t keep their hands off it no matter how hard you want them to, the healthiest way is by switching to SPARKLING WATER!

So now, let me provide you 10 reasons why you and your kids should switch to sparkling water.

Sparkling water (also known as carbonated water, club soda, soda water, seltzer water, or fizzy water) is water into which carbon dioxide gas under pressure has been dissolved. Some of these have additives such as sodium (seltzer water is almost always composed of water and carbon dioxide with no other additives). This process, known as carbonation, is a process that causes the water to become sparkling. Most sparkling water is sold in ready to drink bottles as mineral water and carbonated beverages such as soft drinks. However, it is rather easy to prepare at home with soda makers.


  1. Sparkling water = Regular water

Sparkling water, first and foremost, is just as efficient at hydrating the body as plain tap or mineral water. Because of its distinctive flavor, one tends to drink more soda water as well, which overall is beneficial in and of itself. With the extreme heat we are experiencing today, opting for soda water may just offer a solution to stay hydrated.

"If somebody doesn't like the taste of water, they shouldn't be concerned if sparkling is all they're drinking," said Manhattan-based nutritionist Keri Gans, RDN, CND. "Sparkling water is just as hydrating. All it is is added carbonation."


  1. Treats constipation

Sparkling water consumption may also aid those with impaired digestion as well as those who are predisposed to gallstones formation. In a study published on the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, patients suffering from constipation were divided into two groups, with one group made to drink carbonated water while the other with tap water for more than two weeks. Those who drank soda water reported improved overall digestion and gallbladder emptying and lesser incidence of constipation.


  1. No calcium depletion

But if sparkling water doesn’t damage your stomach, how about your bones?  Does it weaken them? Again, the evidence so far suggests not. A Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center study, for instance, has proven that sparkling water consumption does not result in the leaching of calcium to the urine. A Tufts University study, on the other hand, has established that it isn’t the carbonation but instead the use of the phosphoric acid in commercial soft drinks that causes low bone mineral density.

  1. Prevent overeating

If you drink a lot of sparkling water you might find you feel bloated, but researchers in Japan have found that this side-effect could be put to good use. They had a group of women fast overnight and then slowly drink either still or sparkling water. They found that 900ml of gas was released from just 250ml of water, so not surprisingly the women’s stomachs distended slightly and the had the perception of feeling full, even though they hadn’t eaten. They didn’t feel uncomfortable and so fizzy water has been suggested as a way of avoiding overeating, because it makes you feel fuller.

  1. Low dental erosion

Sparkling water has long been vilified as one of the culprits that cause dental erosion. While it is true that sparkling water has erosive properties, its dental effects prove highly negligible as was proven in a University of Birmingham study. In the study, it was found that sparkling water’s erosive capacity is still one hundred times lower than that of commercially available sweetened soda and pop drinks. It turns out the sugar content as well as the type of acidity regulator used, which in the case of most sodas is phosphoric acid, are the ones to blame for dental erosion and not carbonation itself.

  1. It Relieves Upset Stomach

Some sodas and sparkling water can help relieve stomach problems, such as nausea and indigestion. In a study conducted on people who drank carbonated water and regular water, it was found that those who drank carbonated water experienced reduced indigestion. Many people rely on sodas and non-caffeinated beverages to reduce nausea as well.

  1. Carbonation and cellulite

Cellulite is what happens when fat cells push against the connective tissue beneath your skin. Your age, genetic make-up, and thickness of your skin all factor into whether you will develop cellulite and, if so, how much you have. If you're still thinking sparkling water is bad for you, it's not, and it doesn't result in cellulite. What will contribute to cellulite is the inevitable weight you’ll put on if you drink too many sugary sodas.

  1. Cost-efficient

In the case that you own a sparkling water machine, undoubtedly that it is cost-efficient in a long term. The current cost to make 1 litre of sparkling water is only around RM 0.65 using a sparkling water machine compared to RM 3.20+/L for a local brand of sparkling water and RM 10.90+/L of an imported brand from the store. Other than that, it is easier to make yourself a sparkling water anything you crave for it rather than have to head down to the store and buy one.

  1. Enjoy different flavors

Plain sparkling water allows you to alter and play with different flavors. This allows you to be creative and mix and match various flavor to satisfy your taste buds. There are a lot of flavor categories that are healthy and taste just as good that you can choose from; fruit infused sparkling water, detox sparkling water, cordial sparkling water, fruit punch, and isotonic sparkling water.

      10. No link to esophageal cancer

The big scary “C” word. Relax. A 2006 study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that “high carbonated soft drink consumption did not increase risk of any esophageal or gastric cancer sub-type in men or women.”

That said, Livestrong notes that if you suffer from gastric re-flux or frequent heartburn, the stomach acid that’s brought back up into your esophagus can cause acid erosion and raise your risk for esophageal cancer.


It is no doubt that drinking sparkling water is much better than drinking soda. Changing to sparkling water not only a smart choice, it also will lead you to a healthy life style. Therefore, having a sparkling water machine in your home would be a MUST for every sparkling water fan. Buy SodaXpress SPHERA-T and start living smart today!



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8 Things You Can Make with Sparkling Water

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Have some extra sparkling water in the fridge? Put it to good use with these helpful and surprising tips!

In case you’re wondering, sparkling water aren’t the same thing as carbonated drinks.

Read on to find out 8 unbelievable things that you didn’t know you could do with sparkling water!

1. Cook Veggies

Did you know that you can cook vegetables in carbonated water? Famous French chefs like Thierry Marx came up with this idea, when trying to find a creative alternative to plunging vegetables in salted boiling water. Cooking vegetables in boiling sparkling water helps them stay crunchy and retain their original, vibrant color.

2. Tempura

Tempura is a Japanese assortment of fried vegetables and fish, often served as an appetizer. To make tempura you need to prepare a batter that is light and airy, and sparkling water is the way to go! Simply mix flour with sparkling water, dip the vegetables, fish or shrimp in the batter and then lightly fry. The sparkling water will make the batter extra crunchy and light.

3. Cake

Believe it or not, using carbonated water in cake results in the lightest, moistest cake you’ve ever had! Start off by whisking eggs with sugar, and then add oil, cake flour, chocolate and some crushed hazelnuts. Finish with a bit of sparkling water, and don’t be surprised if your batter starts to froth a little! Bake the cake for 50 minutes at 350° F and prepare to be wowed!  

4. Crepes

Sure, there are loads of classic crepe recipes out there. But have you ever tried making crepe batter with sparkling water? To do this, simply replace some of the milk for an equal part of fizzy water. Your crepes will end up extremely light and airy thanks to this substitution! And don’t forget to let the batter rest for at least an hour before you start to cook them – no matter what you replace in the recipe, this important steps remains unchanged!

5. Mojito Cocktail

Mojitos are light and refreshing thanks to sparkling water, lime and mint. To make a delicious mojito, add some fresh mint leaves to the bottom of a glass, along with some cane sugar syrup and lime wedges. Crush these ingredients together using a muddler, and then add ice cubes and sparkling water.

6. Sparkling Ribena Float

This sweet and creamy dessert beverage puts a fruity twist on traditional ice cream floats. In a tall glass add the Ribena syrup and a splash of soda (reserve the rest for later). Stir until the Ribena has thinned out a bit. Add the ice cream and top with the remaining soda and serve immediately.

7. Waffles

Adding sparkling water to waffle batter will give you light, airy and deliciously crunchy waffles. Simply substitute one part of milk with one part of sparkling water. Proceed with the recipe as you usually would, and get ready to eat the best waffles you’ve ever had!

8. Sparkling Ice Tea

If you’re tired of plain old ice tea and are looking for an original recipe, replace tap water with sparkling water. Fizzy ice tea is delicious and a great thirst-quencher, minus the calories that other carbonated drinks and sodas usually contain. We call that a win-win!

 So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a SODAXPESS MACHINE now!!!!!


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