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SodaXpress 500ML Carbonating Bottle

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Compact size to easily store in your bag or carry your sparkling water wherever you go.

Product description: SodaXpress 500ML Carbonating Bottle

Capacity: 500ml

Recommended Water Level: 430ml*

*Recommended water level to avoid overflowing during high pressure carbonation.

Expiry Date: 12/2026

Available in: Black

100% BPA Free PET Bottle

Compatible with all SodaXpress sparkling water machine model.

Why does SodaXpress Carbonating Bottle have an expiry date?

SodaXpress Carbonating Bottle is made to withstand recurring pressure during carbonation, only for a safe period of time. SodaXpress Carbonating Bottles should be replaced if it is scratched, deformed or discoloured. Never place the bottle in a dishwasher. Never use metal brushes, abrasives, or chemical cleaners to clean the bottle.

*Not inclusive of delivery charges.
**Available for West Malaysia only. Delivery within 2-5 working days (Klang Valley), 3-7 working days (Outstation).